Meet Wendy Guth, Founder of Rebel on the Go Travel


The rocky tunnel narrowed to a dim point of light and - yeah, I'll admit it - I was freaking out.  They wanted me to climb all the way down there??


I was on a trip to Guam, a tiny spec of an island in the Pacific, with my family, and we had laced up our sneakers for a hike into Marbo Cave. They told me it was an easy hike, but I had my doubts.


Or at least, I doubted that I could do it.  Hiking? So not my thing (especially with my major fear of heights ...).


But as I peered down the tunnel into the shimmering blue water below, I decided to just go for it. I sucked up my fear, concentrated on (oh so carefully! putting one foot in front of the other, and climbed down.


Once I got to the bottom, I remember letting out a huge sigh of relief - which soon turned into a gasp of awe.  The sun's rays streamed into the cave, reflecting off the turquoise blue pool of water and throwing dazzling flashes of light all over the cave walls.


With my kids right by my side, I stripped off my shoes and jumped into the pool, letting the cool water wash over me.


It was in that moment I realized:  I am way more capable - and way more courageous - than I give myself credit for.


I think most of us are. We just tell ourselves these stories about our abilities - or we allow others to tell our stories for us.

That's why I founded Rebel on the Go: to remind women of their strength, resilience, curiosity, passion, and all the hundreds of other traits that we only think don't apply to us.


And that trip to Guam revealed how travel is hands down the BEST way to show us what we're really made of.


Because travel is TRANSFORMATIONAL.


Travel is RADICAL.




… At least it is when you travel with Rebel on the Go.


So, I invite you to break free of convention, leave the status quo in the dust, honor your own worth, and live by the Rebel on the Go philosophy: Travel like your life depends on it.


Start by exploring how Rebel on the Go can take YOU places right here.


Then, connect with me—and a community of like-minded rebellious, travel-loving women—in my free Rebel on the Go Facebook group.


See you inside,


— Wendy


My vision is showing women through travel how to fall in love with themselves again.


My core values Create your transformational travel experience by:

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone

  • Discovering your interests and passions

  • Connecting/re-connecting with family and friends

  • Allowing time for self-care and self-reflection 

  • Creating your own personal adventure

  • Give back through designated charities that aim to heal the world.

  • Partner with top suppliers who share our rebellious and transformational nature



Wendy’s Fast Facts:


  • I think the beach solves everything

  • I've been to 5 continents and 37 countries

  • Favorite destination? Denmark (international - why not the happiest country on earth?!?) and New Orleans (domestic—gotta love that laissez les bons temps roulez spirit!)

  • I’ve got a background in event planning ... which means you can absolutely trust your Rebel on the Go trip to go off without a hitch ;)

  • I've owned a fantasy football team - the Overpaid Boy Toys - for over 20 years

  • I have a not-so-secret crush (yes, my husband knows!) on Hugh Jackman


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