What do you want in 2020?

  • To change careers?

  • To start a business?

  • To write a book?                 

  • To not worry about money?           

  • To improve your relationships?

  • To feel better?                   

  • To find adventure?

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Sometimes you need another powerful woman to say, “Because You Can.” To light the spark that gets you moving in the right direction.  Here are more than a dozen amazing women who will tell you “Because You Can”. 

Here is Who You Will Hear From: BECAUSE I CAN ...

Mischelle O’Neal 

Mastering Your Monday, LLC 

   ... Overcoming Overwhelm

Mary Rogers
The Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife
   ... Moving Confidently Through Midlife

Irena Miller

Energy Adventures with Irena

   ... Tapping Into Your Intuitive Energy

Bev Roberts

Living Fabulously with Bev

   ... Overcoming Exhaustion

Carrie VanWinkle, CFP
Natural Investments, LLC
   … Finding Financial Freedom and Social


Lora Cheadle
Life Choreographer
   … Feeling Sexy in Your Own Skin

Julie Ford

Julz of Life

   ... Communicating With Your Teenagers

Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt Coaching and Consulting
   ... Celebrating and Connecting

Sasha Gray
Scattered Sasha
   ... Midlife with Laughter, Joy and Grace

Nina Lorez Collins
The Woolfer
   … Embracing Your Community


Juju Hook
PrimeTime Posse
   ... Branding for Primetime


Renee Hribar
Renee Hribar Sales Strategist
   ... Having the Life You Want as an Entrepreneur


Deborah Ager
Radiant Media Labs
   ... Writing My Story

Brenda Jankowski
   ... Loving Yourself in Front of the Camera


Heidi Sheldon
   … Traveling with Rebellious Abandon

Martina G. Barnes

Reliable Personal Power
   … Traveling with Rebellious Abandon

Renata Joy

Pure Joy Wellness
   … Being Fit in Midlife

Lee Ann Cochran

Soroptimist International of Cleveland
   … Giving Back with Volunteering


Powerful Woman’s Guide to Creating the Life She Wants in 2020

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Because You Can

I know.  I hear you say, “You are kidding me. I am exhausted.”

"I don't have the time to do what I want. Heck, I don't have the strength."
"Maybe after I get finished with what everyone wants." 

I say, “BULL.” You’ve spent so much of your life focused on everyone and everything else.  It’s time to prioritize you. For you to go after your dreams. To go after what’s best for you.  To make midlife your best life.


This FREE 18-Interview Series featuring amazing, rebellious successful women (who totally understand where you are right now) who will provide you with not only the SPARK to get moving but actionable steps to get you there.

Your Hostess

Hi, I am Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel and chief rebel rouser of the Rebel on the Go Transformational Travel Community.  

2016 was a pivotal year for me.  I was 50.

I lost my job of 20 years. I was in a new (long distance) relationship.  My kids were 10 and my parents were ill. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I didn’t even have the energy to be stressed.

I traveled to an exotic place (Guam) that was completely outside my comfort zone.  This adventure allowed me to focus on my interests and create new passions. To better connect with my loved ones and with myself.


And Rebel on the Go was born.  My vision is to create REAL, RADICAL, LIFE-CHANGING adventures for rebellious women, who crave personalized, customized, and transformative experiences.  Because I Can.  


I made the choice to pave a NEW path and I am bringing you some of the women who brought me inspiration.  I know you will find one (or more) that will ignite a spark in you. Because YOU Can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

These interviews can be enjoyed by everyone, though the subject matter is designed for women over 40.


Do I have to watch the interviews live? 
You do not!  You will receive an email with the links for all the interviews so you can watch at your leisure. 

How long are the interviews?
Knowing how valuable your time is, I try to keep each interview to around 30 minutes.  Perfect for your commutes or breaks during the day.  

When and how will the interviews by available?
Interviews are available with a link that arrives conveniently into your email box viewable from all devices.  Listen and learn on the go!

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Powerful Woman’s Guide to Creating the Life She Wants in 2020


Sponsored by Rebel on the Go Travel
(an affiliate of Gifted Travel Network - a Virtuoso Member)


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