Why Keep Travel On Your Mind?

Happy National Travel Advisors Week!

Why should we keep travel on our minds?

From the perspective of a Rebel on the Go …

🌟 Travel creates the space to get out of your comfort zone
🌟 Travel gets us to move under our own power
🌟 Travel allow...

6 May 2020

Here are images from Wendy's April Adventures. Where are you daydreaming of going next? 

What does a travel advisor do when the world can’t travel?

🌜 Dream about traveling, of course 😊

… From the perspective of a traveler …

🤔 What do I want to see the new standard operating procedures for travel to be?

1. A focus on local and regional travel – road trips a...

Yield to Taxiing Aircraft

Creating real, radical, life-changing travel experiences for rebellious women … wherever we can get it.

🌟 Travel improves your relationships and creates connections.

Traveling under my own power is my mission and my mantra. But my own power mean...

Who’s up for some daydreaming?

In these chaotic times, you might say …

I’m too busy ➨ really mean “not a priority.” Make self-care a priority. Feed your soul and keep your mind healthy.

 Isn’t that frivolous ➨ Coping mechanisms are not frivolous. Self-care is not frivolo...

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Why Keep Travel On Your Mind?

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