You just signed the papers and breathed a deep sigh of relief...


Now, it’s time to gather up your girlfriends for a riotous weekend without the deadweight.

(That’s the ex-hubby).

Yep, “divorce weekends” are officially a thing—and Rebel on the Go wholeheartedly endorses them.


Look, going through a divorce can rock you to the core. It’s only fair that you celebrate getting to the other side

with a transformational trip of your own.


Now, when you think of celebrating with the girls, does your mind want to wander somewhere sunny?

South Beach? Palm Springs? Maybe Vegas? (Yeah, baby!)

Let me throw a curveball at you (because life is full of those, right?)


To me, crafting the perfect girlfriend getaway is a bit like mixing together the perfect drink (I’m a martini gal myself):


You need the ideal balance of flavors to ensure your getaway pleases the palate.

And you should always throw in a touch of the unexpected to keep things interesting!

Let me tell you, Helsinki is a cosmopolitan city that has enough quirk to keep you captivated for a long weekend—and beyond.

Here’s how I’d mix up the perfect weekend in Helsinki 

for a group of fabulous women celebrating sweet, sweet freedom...

1. Start with a set of classic ingredients

that make the perfect flavor base.

Private Transfers

Start your stay with a ride in style, thanks to the private driver waiting to pick you up from the airport and whisk you all off to your hotel suite. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first arrive in a new city—so splurging on private transfers is so worth it.

Boutique Hotel Stay

Start your mornings with an espresso while you overlook the city’s bustling bays and inlets from your balcony, and end each (occasionally wild) night tucked into luxurious linens and cushy throws. I’ll pair you and your girlfriends with a hotel stay that fits your unique style.

Spa session

Nothing’s better than some much-needed pampering. Let’s put a Finnish twist on an indulgent spa session with a visit to one of Helsinki’s steamy saunas. Where else can you find a sauna Ferris wheel but in Finland’s capital? 

2. Kick up the flavor with a little

sweet and sour mixed in, like...

Museum Visits

Art devotees, rejoice! Helsinki simply overflows with A+ museum choices, including The Design Museum, for an eclectic overview of Scandinavia’s iconic fashion, architecture, and art, and the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

Bar Crawl Through Downtown

You can only look at so many pretty paintings before you need a drink (I know that can’t be just me). Luckily, Helsinki delivers, with a bevy of breweries and artisan cocktail and wine bars to sip your way through.

Private Gourmet Dinner

Helsinki has a lot more than just smoked fish. This food-obsessed capital has been doing the whole farm-to-table thing since way before it became cool. Book a private dining room or chef’s table at one of the city’s Michelin-star gems for a gastronomic adventure. 

3. Finish off with a liquor-soaked cherry on top

(or olive, if you're a martini-type gal...)

Personal Shopper Experience

Hire a private guide to take you & your pals on a tour through Helsinki’s Scandi-cool boutiques (you deserve a new wardrobe to celebrate your re-entry into single life!) Don’t skip a stroll through the Design District for home wares and trinkets your friends back home will swoon over.

Take a Dip

 You may not believe it, but the Finns actually enjoy swimming…year round! If you visit in the summer, a plunge into the icy Baltic may be just what you need to re-energize. In the winter, head to one of Helsinki’s public swimming places. Yes, they’re basically just a hole in the ice--but a dip in these icy waters will get your blood circulating like nothing else.

Don't Lift a Finger

What elevates a perfectly blended girls getaway from a ho-hum one? Letting someone else do the planning for you! Let Rebel on the Go to put together a totally customized escape based on your group’s unique interests. I’ll craft a tailored itinerary, book every bit of travel for you, and you can even ping me by phone or email if any travel hiccups come up on your journey so I can smooth them out for you.


Let's chat about your own perfectly blended girlfriend getaway ASAP!

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