Why host a live event?

Live events offer an amazing opportunity to scale your business by creating an event that is as unique and unforgettable as your message.

  • Imagine how you can:
  • Build loyalty (and sales!) by creating unforgettable live memories.
  • Be known for an out of the out-of-the-box live experience that make people want to attend your events and hire you again and again.
  • Save money and time AND have an event expert on your team.
  • Focuse on creating the #1 thing people want - building connections.
  • Show up for your event well-slept, unstressed and ready to host your event.

Why work with me on your live event?

My mission is to amplify your business with out-of-the-box live events that simplify your time, make you money, and mitigate your risk. I help you:

  • Create unforgettable events that leave attendees screaming for more.
  • Use events as a marketing tool to exponentially grow their higher level products and services.
  • Through my negotiating skills to save my clients tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalty reductions and concessions.
  • To offer savings because, as a travel professional, I can be partially paid by the venue.
My clients are able to offer their attendees:
  • Exceptional content in the right setting.
  • Experiences outside their comfort zone.
  • Nurturing environment for developing and enhancing relationships.
  • Creating informal opportunities for connecting out of the box and unexpected experiences.

What are some outside the box ways you can help me?

Recommending venues with lots of unconventional meeting space: Living room in a rental house with poolside seating. Mountain top meeting room with floor to ceiling windows, a stone patio, and exquisite view. Converted ice skating rink with circular seating on a cruise ship. Crafting an attendee-friendly agenda:

  • Rest and relaxation lounge.
  • Attendee determined breakouts.
  • Team salsa challenge.
Incorporating plenty of opportunities to informally connect:
  • Evening session around a fire pit (indoors or outdoors).
  • Rocking chairs on a cabin porch.
  • Wine & canvas party.
Suggesting creative use of sponsors to maximize their dollar and your finances:
  • Postcard contest instead of flyer stuffers.
  • Progressive reception.
  • Co-branded photo booth.

What’s my deal?

Let me tell you a bit about where I’m coming from. I’ve been designing events for over 30 years – 1000s of events from 10 person intimate gatherings to 3,500 person conferences. I’ve planned events in New York City, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Australia, and Barcelona, to name a few. Through my credentials as a travel professional, I am also connected with more hotels, resorts and cruise lines than I can count that can offer you preferred pricing and fee savings through commission share. I decided to bring my unique expertise to the online space when I remarried and moved to Cuba.

How do I work with clients?

  • Highest level of support typically starts at $5,000. This is a concierge ala carte service, providing you with options. I can do everything from site selection research all the way to post-event evaluations. You choose.
  • Entry level of support are - event expert masterclass series @ $97 per person. They are typically held at the end of each month with changing topics.
  • The most popular is something new and special. And becoming quite popular! It’s a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds.
    It is a chance for me to do the research on growing your business through live events and us coming together for a 1:1 strategic VIP mapping session. We dive deep into the strategy and create a step-by-step action plan for you to host a successful live event. Then, I create a report with all of the steps and the call recording so that you could take it and totally bootstrap it. All of this for only $497.


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