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Transform Lives Through Live Events Made Easy

You know Rebel on the Go is all about transformational travel.


But here’s a truth that we don’t see come up too often: transformation needs to happen in both our personal AND professional lives.


Which is where live events come in.


There’s nothing like bringing a group of people all struggling with the same problem into one room so they can listen, learn, and brainstorm their way to better selves.


If you’re an entrepreneur, live events can transform your business by allowing you to create powerful, in-person connections with your followers—the kind of connection you just can’t achieve through digital marketing, no matter how many emails you send or Instagram comments you leave.


If you’re a virtual assistant, learning how to plan live events can transform your business by making you the most in-demand VA around.


So yes, live events can ab-so-lute-ly be transformational. 


The only problem?


They can also be a pain in the a** to plan.


That’s where I come in ;)


Let me show you how to develop and execute dynamic live events that leave your audience speechless and your clients singing your praises.


What level of support are you after?

VIP Support: Custom Event Planning Services

Booking too many rooms at your event hotel and being on the hook for the deposit. Designing a full agenda that’s a major flop. Overlooking a crucial contract detail that costs you thousands.


Yes, a lot can go wrong when planning a live event.


But when your live event goes right? It’s going to be *magical*—let me be the fast-talking fairy godmother who makes all your live event dreams come true. Work 1-on-1 with me as I design and execute every stage of your live event, drawing on my 30+ years in the event industry crafting everything from intimate 20-person masterminds to 3,000-person mega conferences. This service includes a deep dive mapping session to plot out your event goals, contract negotiation with your event host property, and travel booking and support for all your attendees. 


Think this VIP service might be just the ticket to your live event success? Let’s chat it out on a complimentary consultation call:

DIY Support:


Want to learn how to pull off an incredible live event yourself—and possibly do it for clients? Then you need my self-guided course, PLAN LIVE EVENTS. The course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to connect with their followers through transformational events, virtual assistants who want to add a hotly in-demand skill—event planning—to their services, or anyone who’s looking to dive into the world of planning live events part-time.


At the end of the course, you’ll have a shiny new certificate that shows off your credentials—and the knowledge to plan your way to an event that truly WOWs. We’re talking jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, totally transformational WOWs, by the way.


I’ve collected my 30+ years of planning events all around the world into this one course. Learn more and join now right here:

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