Was it the professor on the starboard deck with a candlestick? Or the maid by the pool with the bright orange buoy?

Grab your magnifying glass; you'll have to scour the ship for clues as you create your own

Murder Mystery game on board your river cruise!


I love to add a touch of interactive, immersive fun to everything I plan—from Rebel on the Go group trips to live events—and I think a murder mystery element is the perfect (and perfectly spooky) way to break the ice on a group river cruise!


Forget mani-pedi sessions in the cruise’s spa. THIS is how you create a bond-building adventure on board!


(On second thought, why give up the mani-pedis? Do both!)

Here’s how your evening of mystery unfolds...

The Cast of Characters

Gather up your fellow travelers and divvy out the roles. Oh, and costumes? They’re not optional.


Feather boas, pocket watches, kooky glasses—pull out easy-to-pack props to add to the fun (and to make it easy to spot who’s participating among other passengers!).


Even better, you can theme your cast of characters to your destination. Rolling down the Seine on your river cruise, for example? Then my money’s on the pastry chef with the pencil-thin mustache. Or may it's the posh hotel heiress with the perfectly tied neck scarf and French Poodle.

The Scenes of the "Crime"

Rove around your river cruise ship in search of clues. Can you think of a better way to get to know the ship better?


Explore the deck, restaurant, spa, and pool areas in search of the killer. The great thing about river cruise ships is that they’re intimate in scale, topping out at about 100 passengers (so you won’t lose your breath running around trying to chase down clues like you would on a mega cruiser!)

...Then nab the "killer" and celebrate!


Once you've put your heads together and uncovered the murderer (it was the heiress, wasn't it?)

it's time to pop open the bubbly!

Quite a few river cruises have inclusive drink packages, so it might not even cost you extra to end your night with a toast.

Hey, it’s the least you deserve for keeping the other passengers safe ;)


Or take your celebration into the streets...


One reason river cruise ships are so cool is that they’re able to dock right in the heart of their destinations.

That means you can stroll off board and straight into the glittering lights of Paris, Budapest, or Prague.

Post up with your group in a local bar or restaurant, and let the murder-y—erm, I mean merry—festivities continue!

A Murder Mystery game is the perfect,

spine-tingling way to bond your group as you set off for your cruise. It’s so much easier to

let down your guard and get to know one another when everyone gets a little silly!

And by the end of the trip, you’ll be travel BFFs.

And to think, it all started with the cook in the bar with the wrench ;)


Want to bond with your group on your own river cruise adventure? How about chartering an entire ship for your club or organization?


Let's chat right now about your own bond-building getaway!

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