Travel Like Your Life Depends on It


Stop me if this self-talk sounds familiar:


“Am I where I thought I’d be in life by now?”


“Does anybody really see me?”


“I’m surrounded by my family, my co-workers, all these crazy-devoted parents at the soccer game … so why do I still feel lonely?”


“I don’t know who I am anymore …”


Oof, I know. Heavy stuff. (And damn do I feel that last one!).


But so many women I know—maybe even you?­­­—are struggling with these questions.



And rather than shove it all under the rug … I want to say:

I hear you. I get it.


And I know what will help: Travel. That’s exactly what helped me


Travel can inspire new passions and reconnect you with old ones. Travel can give you some much-needed rest and boost your spirit. Travel can spark conversations—the really meaningful kind. And travel can show you how to fall in love with yourself—your bravery, your strength, your curiosity—again.


So, whadaya say? It’s time to travel like your life depends on itbecause sister, you KNOW it does.

Here’s how I bring you life-changing travel:


Focus on the Extraordinary


We’re all about transformational travel here at Rebel on the Go. Which means you can expect destinations that spark your wanderlust, itineraries packed with private tours and extra special touches, and trips that inspire connection—with your fellow travelers, with the big ol’ wonderful world around you, and with yourself. I focus on designing exceptional travel experiences you just can’t get anywhere else. Experiences that’ll have you saying, “Heck YES, this world is mine to explore.”


Details, Done


Extraordinary doesn’t just happen. It has to be planned.


That’s where I come in ;) You’ve got enough on your plate, so I’m here to whip your trip into something downright transformational by taking care of alllll of the details. From researching your best travel options to booking your flights, hotel, tours, transfers, and more, I guarantee that your Rebel on the Go vacation planning experience is smooth as whipped butter.



So, how can Rebel on the Go help you transform? Take your pick

Here is how I can do this for you:

Just-for-You Custom Group Travel



Let’s build your next life-changing travel adventure from the ground up. You call the shots, and I’ll do the planning. Whether it’s an indulgent getaway with your best girlfriends, a post-divorce travel celebration (yeah, you deserve it), or a family trip that finally gets your tween to put down the iPhone, your custom-crafted itinerary will be packed full of "oh-m-g wow" moments. It all starts with a complimentary consultation call.


Let's Begin Your Adventure 

Join a ROTG Adventure



Welcome to the sisterhood, Rebel. It's a time to adventure, together! Join fellow Rebel women on a curated ROTG itinerary, planned and escorted by yours truly. Get ready for transformational travel - we're talking cultural discovery that goes way beyond the tourist traps, VIP exclusive events, and - yes, please! - plenty of pampering.

Let's Begin Your Adventure 

Live Event Training & Execution



Yearning to take your connection with your own tribe to a whole new level? Host your own live event! I'll show you how with training I've developed based on my 30+ years in the event industry. Or - work directly with me to develop and execute a f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s live event plan. 

Let's Begin Your Adventure 

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