How Has Island Living Changed Your Fashion Standards?

As many of you know, I currently reside on a tropical island in the Caribbean.

Wet hair? Check. Flip flops? Check. Tankini? Check. Pedi? Sadly, Check.

I’m a beach girl at heart, so I have tried to get away with especially the wet hair and flip flops back in my stuffier Washington, DC world.

I love this part of my journey - of living on an island (worts and all). Growing up, my family spent a lot of time on St. Thomas, the capitol of the US Virgin Islands. I dreamt about living there. Being able to go to the beach every day. Being casual and relaxed in my attire and lifestyle. A whole lot of years later, I’m finally there! At least for now 😊

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere else? Please share!!

Women Who Live On Rocks

March 18 at 7:00am ·

"Just a few real world fashion offenses and how we blatantly disregard them while rock-side..." 😉 🌴

How has island living changed your fashion standards?

Island Casual

What qualifies as "presentable" in the islands is often a far cry from anything I'd try and get away with elsewhere.


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