No Pain, No Gain? Event Planning Ranks High on the Stress List

I remember the first Annual Meeting I staffed. I was still in college. The association I worked for had a very small staff so they asked if I wanted to travel to Miami Beach and work. This was over 30 years ago yet I remember it like it was yesterday. 6:30 am staff breakfasts. Working until 10:00 pm at night. Not able to go to the bathroom unless someone took my place. I remember being in tears. I also remember saying to my boss, “I want to do this for a living.” Dreams of law school flew out the window.

I chuckle when I hear that meetings and events are just a big party. Especially when I hear this from planners! Being able to provide the “space” for hosts to focus and accomplish their goals is very rewarding. Meetings are like puzzles to me - lots and lots of pieces that need to fit together just right. Yes, they can be stressful especially with challenges beyond our control. Hurricane Katrina immediately comes to mind. As does the US Army, snowstorms, lost UPS boxes .... Ooh, the stories I could tell!

No Pain, No Gain? Event Planning Ranks High on the Stress List

Event Planning Ranks High on the CareerCast Stress List


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