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Hey there, it's Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. And as a travelpreneur, so I wear a lot of hats. I'm a virtuoso travel advisor, a transformational travel coach, a CEO, COO, CIO, COO. And also I am the owner of a Facebook group. I'm not sure that everyone knows that. Yes, Rebel on the Go, a transformational travel community. And we are a group, almost 300 strong of women who I routinely refer to as kick ass, awesome, rebellious, amazing. All of which do very much apply. And women who either love to travel currently or love to travel in the future, who also look at travel as a way of creating change in their lives. What kind of change? Well, it could be celebrating, it could be healing, energizing, rejuvenating, relaxing, connecting. Really.

It runs the gamut of what your ultimate goals are when you take a trip, and when you come home how do you want to feel when you come home from a trip or an adventure or an experience? Yeah, you get what I mean? So yeah, so I have a group of women, and I do say that it is niche in the fact that it is women. And I like to think, I think most of the women are probably genexers, though we do have some really rockstar millennials as well. So what exactly do we do in the group? Well we talk about travel. My job is to be a cheerleader, motivator and inspire, to get people to look at destinations in a different way, to look at vacations as maybe not as much as vacations as, as travel adventures.

So I do a good bit of posting and I also members of the group answer questions, or I actually pose questions for which the group answers, and it could be everything from, you know, what kind of socks should I wear when I fly? Those compression socks. What kind of suitcase or the packing cubes to take? Hey, I'm looking to go to Paris, what should I be doing? All these types of questions. And I do love answering them. And as do members of the group. I like to think it's an escape. It's a great escape from world, to come and talk about travel, look at some pictures, things like that. I'm often asked where did Rebel on the Go, the group come from?

And it actually started as a group that was tied to a course that I was doing on Rebel on the Go. It was a transformational travel course and elements still appear in the group. And also in my coaching and really just how I perceive Rebel on the Go. But, why join another Facebook group? Well, I like to think that we're special. We are just really fun. No drama, no negativity. Well, except sometimes when you're talking about things like plane lines or security, maybe a little negative there, but overall it's just drama free. There's no negativity and it's really just a really terrific way to escape. And sometimes that's what we all need.

And I like to think that there are some benefits to being a member of the group, which I'm not so sure I'm good at advertising, so I figured I'd put that out here for anyone who doesn't know. And right now the group is accepting new members and there is no charge, and that I have a feeling will change in the future, but for right now, yeah. It's like I'm not looking for a million person group. I love the fact that we are relatively small and I like to think exclusive. It's very personal and yeah, love it. Love it. Anyway, so what would be some of the benefits of joining? So I run our private exclusive, personally curated, personally led rebel adventures. We have one that is actually now full, on Virgin Voyages, Virgin Voyages, inaugural season aboard the Scarlet Lady.

So very excited about that and actually getting ready to announce a brand spanking new one. It's a travel product that is very, very near and dear to the rebellious, adventurous nature of Rebel and the Go. So we look to do these tours that are very synonymous again with rebel adventure. Also some relaxing and reconnecting, things of that nature. And also for members of the group, I waive my planning fee for individual travel. Typically it's $297 to either have me actually plan your trip or serve as a resource or whatever it is. And as a full service niche travel advisor, I have access to, I guess the world is your oyster in terms of the resources that I have.

So that's actually a monetary benefit right there. Also I and the members of the group, who many are incredibly well traveled, we are available to answer your questions. I do not regularly, but every now and then we'll pop up and do a do a Facebook live or a group chat that could be answering questions on a particular topic. I've done retreats in the past, river cruises, all sorts of things like that. So we'll entertain really any topic anyone has and we can turn that into a Facebook live or a zoom chat kind of thing. So yeah, we've talked about luggage, we've talked about insurance. It really runs the gamut. Also, as a virtuoso travel advisor, I have access to a lot of travel deals and promotions, which I am absolutely excited to share.

I tend to curate them based on would they fit really within what we've created. And so actually I know I just posted something this morning from Asamara. It was last minute. They have a bunch of sailing dates to some really amazing places that are at phenomenal prices for a full, all inclusive experience. Yes. So it's those sorts of things that I try to share. Again, when topics come up, I'm happy to do almost like a workshop, whether it's retreats or group travel or any sort of thing, love doing those. And we've also done happy hours, which are fun. Yes. So, yeah, I thought I would put it out there that this is more about Rebel on the Go, a transformational travel community. Again, it's designed for like-minded, rebellious, amazing travel loving women. And Yeah, if you're not already in the group, I hope to see you in there really, really soon. Real soon.

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