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Hey there, it's Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel, coming to you live today from High Cackle Beach. Okay. That means absolutely nothing to you. But to me it means that I just kayaked across Guantanamo Bay and Oh wow. This is like, this is huge for me. This was conquering the fear. A fear of what? Well, I'm not really sure the distance, though I'm going to figure it out. The bay is very deep. I'm actually watching a tugboat tow a freighter of some sort through the bay. It's very deep. There are fish and other animals in the water. There is a current, and I've just had a ton of fears that I would drown, that I would get stuck, I'd get run over, keep going. And yeah, my arms are a little tired right now.

Of course I have to get back across, but I'm really pumped. And it also made me think of a topic from last week that was really pressing in on my mind. And that was about traveling and permission and justification. And I know that there's an external piece where asking permission and you know, hey, is it OK if I do this? That kind of thing. And that's really not what I'm talking about. I'm talking more about the personal permission. Like I kept my mantra crossing over, cause it didn't seem like land was ever getting closer, was I can do it, I can do it. And I actually tried to do that with the cadence of the oars. And I think that that helped a lot. And then the justification piece. As I was doing this, you know, at first it's like, wow, it's getting late.

We shouldn't do this. You know, justifying, oh, I'm not really up for this. I didn't have a good enough breakfast. There's a lot of justifications on the negative side. So what I started to think about, well, what is the justification that's actually, I can do it? So it's like how to spin that to a positive? How do I justify, well, I'll feel really good when I get to the other side. Or now that I'm on the other side, I'm like, yeah, I feel pumped. I feel energized. And that's amazing. So yeah, I think I'm gonna think more on that and I would love to know what you think. How you can take what typically is a negative justification and spin it to make it positive to do something?

I'd also love to add that, you know, this little adventure that we're taking, and yeah, I didn't do this alone. Here you don't really Kayak alone. So, my husband is now wandering off collecting shells. What was I about? See this is what happens when I get all excited and all pumped. My train jumps the tracks. But, this adventure is local. I mean I have limited options for non-local adventures, but this is just to get up in the morning. Actually our power's out all morning, so actually I won't be posting this until later. But yeah, you have adventures wherever you want to make them. And I think that in a lot of ways it's easier, you know, to even to justify as well.

So, I suggest also and maybe challenge everybody, go out, find something that you haven't done, that you've wanted to do, maybe you're a little afraid to do, and give it a try. Give it a try and see if there's someone who would like to join in with you. To me, Sundays typically are like the start of the week and so I feel really pumped for and energized for the week, for the week to come. So yeah. Now to get back across. Send me lots of good vibes that the current hasn't picked up too much. But anyway, I also see a little navy boat flipping around. So what's the worst thing that happens? Right? And that's the other thing. I've for a long time now used what is the worst thing that can happens? Well, the worst thing that happens is I ask for help. I, you know, I asked for help and say I need some help. And in a lot of ways, that really is the worst thing that happens when we try new things, is that we realize that we can and really should ask for help if we need it. So anyway, I wish you all a fabulous Sunday and I will see you again soon.

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