Why Sail on a Celebrity Cruise?

Besides being able to take advantage of the amazing, exclusive offer -

As a travel advisor, I am able to extend to my clients the ability to book future cruises while on board the Celebrity Summit next week. While onboard is THE best time to book future cruises. You get the best deals, the best incentives, and the least risk ($100 deposit!!).

Check out the video.

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Hey there. I'm Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel, and I'm out enjoying a gorgeous day in the Caribbean, getting all psyched and practicing my Jeep driving for my adventure, my Jeep adventure in Saint Martin. So I wanted to follow up on a bunch of questions that I have received with regards to the Celebrity Summit onboard cruise offer. And you're saying, first off, what exactly is that? Well, if you don't know, I will be a passenger aboard this Celebrity Summit. What is it? October 20th to the 26 so actually I board the ship next Sunday. Yay. Anyway, as a travel advisor, I can extend the offer that I have to book future voyages while on board, which means you get the best deals, the least risk and Hey, the cheapest deposit. I can extend that offer to my clients. So I'm super excited about not only the offer, but the response that I've received so far.

So as I said, there's been a few questions, so I'm going to do a series of videos now just answering these questions. Excuse my blowing here. Caribbean is a little bit windy. The first one is, Hey, why should I consider taking a Celebrity cruise? And my answer to that is, well, there's a couple things. First off, it is modern luxury. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means think of a high, high end boutique hotel in New York city. That means modern. That means sleek. That means really kind of cool design. And one thing it does not mean is stuffy. I don't know, if you're like me, but that is the last thing I ever like to be around. So it has more of like, I like to think of the, the rebellious. It's rebellious and modern.

So the next thing is catering. If you are a client who likes good food, then Celebrity is definitely the brand for you. They have a Michelin chef who oversees the menus and they use fresh ingredients and it's freshly cooked. So it's definitely not the, I'm eating dinner in a buffet type type of experience. Next, they're known for their bars, their cocktails, their martinis, the wines. So definitely if you are an adult beverage aficionado, this is the line for you. And they have something called molecular cocktails, which I absolutely cannot wait to share that experience with all of you. And then another thing setting them apart is their service. So they have a one guest to two staff ratio, which is unbelievable for a premium cruise line. And again, premium cruise line means this is not mass market, it's not where they just pack in people and at a, I guess bargain basement.

This is an experience that is more upscale, more luxurious, premium. So, and you get an incredible experience. And one of the things about premium is you get value, but we'll talk about that in a few minutes. Okay. The next thing I think is why Celebrity? It would be the destinations. They have over 300 destinations on seven continents and I think it's over 285 itineraries. That is a huge, huge range for you to consider. Now, actually, it's to wet your appetite, because you can do every single bucket list. Well let's, let's be serious. You can do every single bucket list aboard a celebrity cruise itinerary. Okay, well not just one lot of itineraries. Anyway, so then the next thing would be that they have what they call the brand new edge series ships that right now they have the edge and the apex, which sets sail in early 2020, and these are their newest class of ships that are really revolutionary, revolutionizing the cruising industry. It's very much a modern resort ambiance, and again, just incredibly sleek, luxurious design. They have this really cool, Oh, that's actually a surprise. They have this really cool feature where they have on the side of the ship, a moveable restaurant bar and it's really unbelievable. And also a lawn club that has real grass on it. I don't know. This stuff is just amazing. Anyway, so those are my reasons as to why you should sail on Celebrity.

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