Top Takeaways from My Cruise Adventure

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** Why I love cruising

** The amazing islands of the Caribbean

** Can a cruise be adventurous, rebellious, transformative

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Hey there, Wendy Guth, founder Rebel on the Go Travel, and I'm just back from two weeks stateside that included a cruise onboard this Celebrity Summit. Yes, I'm excited to be back and I'm also excited to take some time to reflect on my two weeks and to share with you a couple of my top takeaways. And the first one is that I was reminded as to why I love cruising. I have done it quite a bit over the years since I was a little kid and haven't, well we live in Guantanamo Bay so it's kind of hard to plan as many cruises as I'd probably like to, but yeah, I haven't done it in a few years and was just really excited also to see it through the eyes of my husband because we'll be celebrating actually our third wedding anniversary in about a week.

And so this was kind of like a second honeymoon and actually his first time, while he's traveled extensively throughout the world, he's never been on a cruise before. So it was fun to see it through his eyes and also to realize why I love it. So why do I love it? I love going to different ports. That is huge for me. You go to sleep, you wake up the next morning, yay, you're somewhere else. And we had the opportunity to stop in, where do we stop? We stopped in St Martin, St Thomas and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I've been to all three places. But again, I think it's different each time. So I loved the different ports. Also lugged, unpacking and packing only once. I think that is huge.

Absolutely huge. You don't have to worry about it. It's not like you're living out of a suitcase, because you are not. You unpack once you stow your suitcases, and it makes it easy, makes it very easy. I loved the fact that we got to get dressed up and enjoy our dinners. That was a lot of fun. It's a little bit of make believe. Maybe a little bit of kind of magic that, it felt very, very, I should, I'm going to say princessy but more felt like a queen. And, Celebrity. I think the food was definitely a notch above what I've typically had on cruise ships, very good food. I wouldn't say it was like super gourmet, but I can definitely say there was no bad meal, which is terrific.

And even the buffets that we had for like breakfast had such amazing variety and you really, if you wanted to eat it, it was like gluten free. No problem. Vegan, no problem. A vegetarian, no problem. Eating healthy was actually not difficult at all. And the dinner menus were very specific as to you know, these are recommended for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, you know, the healthier choices, all of that. And so I think that they really go out of their way to provide a lot of different options for a lot of different eating, eating tastes, palettes. Also, this was really a reminder for me, as I said that I've been to these ports before, of just how beautiful the islands are. And the added element was that we know that each of the ports had been badly, badly damaged by hurricanes in 2017 and especially St Martin and St Thomas are still not renovating but are still coming back.

There's a tremendous amount of construction. And what, you know, I know from the past, especially with St Thomas, I know they had, they had big hotels, they had smaller hotels and overall they're gone. They rely very heavily on the cruise industry to sustain them. And they very freely say tourism is our industry. We are here to provide services and opportunities for tourists, travelers to enjoy themselves. And I think that they were very appreciative that we were there. And heard quite a few times, thank you so much for coming. Please come back. Please send your friends. And having traveled to the islands a great deal, I think that it's a bit different. I do remember especially like, I guess it was 90s, early two thousands where it was like, Oh my God, tourists go away.

No, not anymore. I think that it's more of a, I guess as a symbiotic relationship. So anyway, loved the islands, loved the opportunity. Like in Saint Martin, we rented a Jeep, loved the opportunity to see it that way. St Thomas, we rented a car, drove around, and really got a sense of how the Island is doing and how the locals are, you know, how, how things are and yeah, absolutely beautiful. And saw just such amazing, amazing scenery and spending a couple of days in San Juan was actually my next point. I've always loved San Juan. I don't think I necessarily fell in love with it, but I have. It was just the culture, the history, the people, the vibe. It was just wonderful. And we spent one day we went and did like a lot of the history and old San Juan to the forts to walking around and it's just the beauty. It was breathtaking.

And then we also we went to the beach and again, ended up in old San Juan walking around and just absolutely loved it. And I'm looking forward to going again and again. And I think that, not to dis Miami, but San Juan is like a slightly longer flight. Hey, I'm all about it. I'm there. And having been sad that Havana is no longer really an option to a good extent for, for Americans, hey, go to San Juan, go to San Juan. It's fantastic food. Again, people are just wonderful. There's an amazing vibe. We went kayaking in a bioluminescent Bay that was wonderful. And there's the music, there's the dancing, there's, it's just alive. And it was interesting that I didn't see a lot of, you know, any post hurricane

issues. Yeah. Everything was just, I really can't say enough how much I loved San Juan now and I, and as I said, I'm very much looking forward to going back. And, you know, one of the things that I think about regularly is, is this an adventure? Is this rebellious? Is this transformational? And one of the things that comes up is what about a cruise? You know, I think in the past you think of either the love boat, where it's like the weekend hookup thing or it's where, you know, old people go to sit on lounges and play shuffleboard. And things like that. And I have to say that I really believe that any type of travel experience is, and this you may think this is a cop out for me to say that any but any travel experience can be adventurous and rebellious and transformational if you want it to be.

And I stand by that. And I think that cruises give you an opportunity to experience, have different experiences, all in one package. And it provides an ease, especially with the transportation piece that allows you not to worry about certain things. You can step out of your comfort zone without worrying about how am I getting from point A to point B or, or you know, the whole packing and unpacking thing and things like that. So I actually don't, I don't think my answer's a cop out. But I do think what is really, really important is that you have to select the right ship based on what your why's and your wants are. Or actually whys, wants, and I guess what's too. And why is, why are you taking this travel, you know, why are you going away?

If you're looking for very port intensive experiences, Hey, that's an option too. I know that there's one Celebrity, I think it's an 11 day cruise that goes to like eight ports. And I'm like, wow. And not just your typical ports, but some really interesting, fantastic smaller islands. And if that's what you're interested in, Hey, you can do that. You know, if you scuba dive, there are plenty of places to go and then you can recuperate either whether you want, you know, an adult beverage or a time in the gym or spa. I mean, there's so many different opportunities today that cater to your specific needs and wants. And that I think is what makes it so fantastic. And just to add the piece, you know, when you think about, well, I could do that on a tour, say in Europe, or it kind of hard to tour the Caribbean just because you'd have to jump from Island to Island and end up having to add probably an extra day in between just in terms of dealing with airports.

But if you're talking about say Europe, one of the other beauties of being on a ship is that if you want to escape and you want alone time, you can find that. I was actually attending a conference for the first three days because we were at sea and my husband was enjoying the ship. And it was interesting. I'll tell what is interesting. By the third day he's like, I really miss you. I really want to spend time with you. Did you have to go to work? It was very cute. But anyway, it's an opportunity that if you want to escape, if you want to find that quiet nook and cranny, you can do that. One day we left St Martin, we waved and saw the sunset and saw the boat leaving from the top deck.

When we left St Thomas, we were out on our own private balcony, you know, toasting the day and just having some quiet time with each other. And that to me was the choices and the opportunities in the variety. So I had a great trip and, Hey, if you are not a member of the Rebel on the Go community, my Facebook group filled with just some really kick ass women who share a passion for travel, I'd love for you to join today. We talk more about the cruise and the destinations that I went to and I'm available to answer travel questions and help you decide where your next adventure should be. So I will drop the link below and I will see you soon.

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