What About Travel As A Holiday Gift?

What About Travel As A Holiday Gift?

Can You Believe It's November? And the Holiday Season Will Soon Be Upon Us!?!

Just back from two weeks of traveling, Craig and I are kayaking with the kids. The kids have already informed us that they've started their holiday lists.

"Hey, I want this."

"Hey, I want that."

(Little do they know while I was onboard the Celebrity Summit, I booked a cruise for the family for next summer!)

👉🏼 Have you experienced travel as a gift?

➨➨➨ Giver?

➨➨➨ Receiver?

We have already planned for our birthdays in 2020:

🎂 We are going to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway in September for Craig's Birthday

🎂 We are going to the Army-Navy Football Game in December for Wendy's Birthday

🎉 We celebrate through experiences and travel 🎉

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Hey there. Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. And happy November. If you're like me, can't believe it's November already. Only two months left. We're heading into the holiday season. We're heading into my favorite holiday, which is Thanksgiving. And I'm just having a little bit of a hard time grasping this year's just about over. And not only that, we just got back from our vacation. Craig and I were gone for two weeks and that included a six day cruise onboard Celebrity Summit and we had a wonderful time. And now we're actually out kayaking with the family. So you may hear a scream every now and then. And the first thing when we got back, the kids were starting to say things like, Hey, I've, you know, I've started my list for the holidays. Hey, I want this. I want that. Little do they know, and I have to whisper this because I don't want them to hear, little do they know that while onboard the Celebrity Summit, we went ahead and booked a cruise that looks like it will be in the Mediterranean next summer. Because we booked on board, there were some benefits to that, but that included being able to book without specifying exactly where we were going. So anyway, Becca just kayaked over to me, so we'll change the subject. But one of the things it had me thinking about and realizing is how absolutely awesome it is to use travel for gifts. And I know that this fall Craig and I started talking about, you know, birthdays. So mine for this year hasn't come up yet, but my birthday, which will be my 55th birthday, we're actually already have it scheduled or planned that I'm going to be celebrating it at the Army Navy game in Philadelphia. Yay. And for his next birthday in September, we've already planned a couple of days in New York. We're gonna go see Hugh Jackman on Broadway. So we've actually, I guess, turned the corner that how we celebrate is through experiences and travel.

So, I'd love to know, have you ever celebrated birthday, the holidays, whatever, with a gift of travel? Have you received it or had someone giving it to you, gifted it to you? So I would love to know that. And yeah, it's an absolute gorgeous day. We know I love kayaking and actually I had a chance last weekend to kayak in one of those bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, and that was absolutely amazing. And that's worthy of another Facebook live all about that experience, which I think once I turn the corner up ahead, I think I might just do that anyway. I'll see you all again very soon.

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