What Are You Thankful For?

❤️ Season of Reflection and Thanksgiving ❤️

I personally am thankful for the experiences I have had and the memories they have created.

My mantra lately has been ... 🌟👉🏼 Give the Gift of Travel 👈🏼 🎁

🤩 Special 🤩 Personalized 🤩 Non-Commercial 🤩

It's about giving experiences that you can SHARE with your loved ones.

🤔 Did you know? Working with a travel advisor usually means you don't pay for your travel 100% up front.

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Hey there, it's Wendy Guth, founder Rebel on the Go Travel and I really would like to know what are you thankful for as we head into, at least for Americans, Thanksgiving week though, I think the question of being thankful is a fairly universal one. This is our last Thanksgiving here on the military base. So I've been thinking a lot about what am I thankful for. And as we head back to the States, I realized that I'm very thankful for the experiences that I have shared with my family, with friends in a very unique place that, in some ways, I'm very much going to miss, though I take with me lasting memories. So yeah, and I'm thankful that we will have an opportunity over the next couple months, or however long we're here, to continue to share experiences and seek them out and then, again, take home these lasting memories.

It has been I guess the impetus this year for my soapbox of give the gift of travel, and in the way it's really giving the gift of experiences that has been my mantra for quite some time. And especially I find the older I get, the less I remember. I get in that, you know, I think about it, why did, what did I, what did the kids get last year? Uh, what did I give? And actually in a word, what did, what did I get in terms of, in terms of this whole gift giving? And I have really decided that I do walk the walk, that it's more important to give experiences. So whether it's thinking about the weekend with hubby and friends, you know, we're talking about a long weekend in Stockholm, or an opportunity to spend a long weekend in Costa Rica with my bestie and you know, what to do with the kids.

Possibly a cruise through the Panama canal, which according to Virtuoso is one of the hot, hot, hot points, the, the hot destinations for 2020. So yeah, I really strongly feel that, you know, when you give a gift, it should be personalized. It should be thoughtful. It should be something that isn't just the commercial hype. Um, and which, you know, unfortunately a lot of the technology falls into, and also should lead to an exchange, a shared experience. And so many of us can tell the tales of kids getting a piece of electronics or even I got my new iPhone last year. Wait, I do remember that I got my iPhone last year actually for my birthday, which is in December, which isn't always the most fun. But anyway, and I remember disappearing.

Um, yeah. And, and I did, you know, and we all realize that, you know, you get something that you, it's not, if it isn't something that's shared, you disappear and you focus on that. And, and that's to me not really what the holiday season is all about. It's all about sharing and, and I love the idea of giving the gift. And the one thing that, that people do ask me as well, is this, am I giving this to someone? And you know, giving them like a stay in a hotel or, well, maybe it is, maybe it is, and maybe that's where you arrange the night, you know, arrange to get together for dinner or something afterwards or before. So you can help in the planning or hear the stories afterwards. But I'm really thinking it's more in terms of you're giving the gift that you share.

So in the case of going to Costa Rica, it's not that I'm saying to my best date, you know, you're going. I'm saying we're going or the opportunity with the kids. It's creating the gift of experiences and creating the gift of sharing. And that's really what I think is so, so valuable and so important and a great opportunity. And I hear also hear a lot, well, Hey, it doesn't have to happen like Christmas week or something. No, no, no, no, no. You can be doing this for some time. It could be, but you could be doing this, um, sometime later on or even years to come. You know, a lot of times when people have these bucket list experience or a bucket list interests or as I call them, adventures await interests. You could be planning a couple years down the road if you want to do an amazing Safari in Africa.

Um, it's not necessarily something you can always plan, whether it's based on availability or budget or time, whatever it is. Sometimes it does need to be planned further out. And I love working with clients to sort of create that transformational experience that leads up to the trip. And that could be whether it's how, you know, it's definitely helping with the planning process. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see to, um, really setting, you know, getting the, the anticipation. And that's, and that's part of the fun. I really do think so. Yeah. So whether it's now or down the road. Oh. And the other fabulous little secrets that I will share with you now here and now is that working with the travel advisor generally means that you put down a deposit, but you're not paying 100%.

I'd like to see you try doing that on Expedia. You really can't. So yeah, it's sometimes it's putting down even a nominal deposit and then doing a final payment, either in installments or somewhere. It can be anywhere from 90 to 180 days in advance. And if you're planning something for 2023, that's a long way away. That's quite a few holidays down the road. And imagine I'm planning, Oh, imagine planning a Safari and then, you know, doing a little dropping of, Ooh, look at that cute little stuffed animal or some sort of a national geographic, uh, component to it, or something along those lines. And I love working with clients to sort of create, as I said, create the anticipation. So, yeah. Um, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. And again, if you're not in the U S um, Hey, uh, use it as a day just to think about what you're thankful for as we probably should do every day.

And you know, I really look forward to helping you all create these transformational experiences, whether it's for now or for the future. And it's good to think ahead. It's good to dream and then I am here to help you make those dreams a reality. And one of the things that I am doing, leading up to I guess, well leading up to the end of the year, as a way of helping you look at giving the gift of travel is, I will drop a link below and I am scheduling, I'm going to open up my calendar and schedule some free consults. Let's talk about where you want to go, how you can make it happen. And usually that's reserved for paying customers. But I'm really excited and happy to, you know, to encourage us all to think about travel.

And I can tell you, there it's just such amazing benefits. And I, I do, I think back on all of the experiences I had as a kid, we didn't do a lot of, you know, my parents were depression era babies, so holidays were always pretty lean and mean. And so when it came time for us it was, we actually did a lot of traveling and those were our gifts. And I remember as a kid, it wasn't always my favorite, but heck, as an adult I'm like, wow, I had the, I had the best childhood because of it. And I try to impart that on my kids as well and we'll see how that turns out. I think so far so good. But anyway, I will drop the link below. I'd love to. Yeah, let's start planning, let's get your travel experiences on the books. I look forward to meeting up with you again real soon.

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