5 Ways to Feel Less Anxious, Happer and More Fulfilled in 2020

We live in a crazy world. Unless we live like hermits (which brings up a different set of issues!), we need to learn how to deal.

Here are 5 ways, according to a recent CNN article:

1. Be optimistic - instead of focusing on the world, focus on your local community and your circle of family and friends. Think about what makes you optimistic - laughing, being thankful, exercising, meditating, journaling, traveling, something else?

2. Volunteer - whatever feeds your soul. There are some fantastic travel opportunities with a volunteer focus.

3. Be grateful - wake up in the morning and ask, "what am I grateful for?" Start your day in a positive frame of mind. Visiting different places that increase your gratitude - for what you have and what you are experiencing.

4. Increase your social interaction - we are creatures that require socialization for our mental and physical health. Including local opportunities. Think about traveling solo in a group.

5. Find your purpose. Feel like you exist for something larger than yourself. Is it spiritual, family or social causes? Travel can play a great role in helping you find your purpose. Eco-tourism and voluntourism are very big right now.

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