Who's Up for Some Daydreaming?

Who’s up for some daydreaming?


In these chaotic times, you might say …

I’m too busy ➨ really mean “not a priority.” Make self-care a priority. Feed your soul and keep your mind healthy.


 Isn’t that frivolous ➨ Coping mechanisms are not frivolous. Self-care is not frivolous, it’s absolutely critical.


 A rebel doesn’t daydream ➨ I’m confined in my home. Physically constrained, so my mind is off and wandering. Daydreaming gives me mental freedom I don’t physically have right now.


Creating a ritual to daydream helps overcome:
1. Fear
2. Uncertainty
3. Monotony
4. Loneliness

Toolbox, especially for chaotic times:
1. Daydreaming
2. Meditating
5. Relaxing in the bathtub (or on a hammock)
6. Reading
7. Conversing
8. Exercising
9. Hobbies – new and old


Look at your toolbox and incorporate into your daily schedule. Create a positive mindset. This includes daydreaming. We all daydream differently. Mine usually involve travel because it is central to relaxing me and bringing me joy.


I was sad to realize I forgot about the International Happiness Day, when the happiest country report is published. I know it can be hard to focus on happiness right now, but it truly can have positive benefits. Take a moment and daydream about:


 Seeing the Northern Lights in Finland
 Experiencing “hygge” in Denmark
 Hiking (or skiing) the Alps in Switzerland
 Meandering through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
 Enjoying classical music in Austria
 Walking the “Lord of the Rings” path in New Zealand
 Embracing your religious roots in Israel
 Relaxing in a volcanic mud bath in Costa Rica
 Hiking by day and marketing by night in Taiwan


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Stay safe. Stay well and we'll get through this together.






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