Do you miss getting together face-to-face? I sure do!

Mastermind Retreat Reunion 🎉🎉

Very excited to catch up with my biz buddies and friends and reminisce ❤️ A retreat is like a vacation for the brain

🌟 Renee Hribar, Renee Hribar Sales Strategist (and our retreat hostess) ➨ Collaborations were born. Ideas were born. Tears were shed.

🌟 Amalie Shaffer, Systematic Excellence ➨ The power of the group. Getting the outside perspective can really change things for you.

🌟 Maggie Frank-Hsu, MFH Consulting: Writing Coaching ➨ The energy and magic that came out of knowing people pretty well before (and then) meeting in person.

🌟 Irena Chace Miller, Energy Adventures with Irena ➨ Common connection, this deep relationship that’s formed all of a sudden over just realizing how human we are and the ability to nurture each other.

🌟 Deborah Ager, Writing Coach at Deborah Ager ➨ It was just fun to be in this completely different environment. There’s something about the energy that was really cool of the place and the geography.

🌟 Janine Esbrand, LightBox Coaching ➨ The connections we were able to build in that time was just amazing. The little conversations we had about life in general.

🌟 Doresa Ibrahim, Acceleration Consultant ➨ The relationships. Most of us are still in contact. We support one another. That’s invaluable.

🌟 Wendy Livingston Guth, Rebel on the Go Travel ➨ The ability to create a space. There was so much conversation. So much sharing.

🌟 Candie Conat, My Back Office Coach ➨ Everybody takes her turn up in front of everyone and talks about her back story and what she needs help with. Everybody gives her input. That’s my favorite part.

(We missed you: Mallory Schlabach, Marketing Strategist Mary Czarnecki, Marketing Strategy + Business Coach Susie Liberatore, Visions2Images Creative Services Tammy Pereira, Facebook Ads Expert)

Can’t wait to see you all live in the future!! Be safe! Be well!

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